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    List your Token

    If you already have your token, NFT or crypto asset listed on a DEX, list it now on Cryptopocket and make buying and selling easier for your community, reach more investors, reach more gamers,… They will be able to buy and sell your token in euros (€) , simply by card or bank transfer. And all this on a platform registered with the Bank of Spain.

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      Presale & Launchpad

      If your native token is not yet listed on a DEX, optimize your financing in the pre-sale phase by listing your token on our Ramp and make the purchase more accessible to your investors, break the barrier of complexity and slowness of DEXs with our solution, with an API that is easy to implement on your own platform or launchpad.

      NFT Marketplaces

      By listing your NFT on our Ramp your NFTs can be easily sold and bought. Our Ramp can be integrated into any Marketplace.

      Ramp on your website/app

      Increase your income thanks to commissions for carrying out purchase and sale transactions, integrating our Ramp into your own website or app. Your users will be able to easily buy or sell the cryptocurrencies listed in our Ramp.

      FIAT to Crypto OnRamp

      You will be able to buy cryptocurrency, your video game token, NFTs and pre-sale token by paying with € by card or bank transfer.

      Crypto to FIAT Off Ramp

      They will be able to sell their crypto assets in €, from their own wallet and transfer them to your bank account in seconds.

      Gaming Web3 dApp Ramp

      Your governance or utility token, your NFTs can be easily bought and sold by integrating our Ramp into your DApp.

      GameFi & Play to Earn

      Maximize your profits by integrating our Ramp into video game monetization environments, attracting more players and player profiles that you have not reached until now.

      DeFi Platforms

      Having our solution in decentralized finance environments facilitates mass adoption, attracting and building loyalty among investors, holders and traders.

      API Ramp & Developers Tool Kit

      Our API is quick and easy to integrate. We help you in your “time to market” with professional integration support and several years of experience.

      Corporate Ramp

      Our Premium service for companies and large volumes provides you with personalized and immediate support, as well as advice in all phases, in addition to guiding you on aspects of cold wallets.

      OTC Markets

      Increase counterparty security and reliability, basing your transactions on Smart Contracts. Your transactions will also have a record that will help in your accounting and tax processes.