Buy on DEX

At Cryptopocket we list any token or crypto asset that is listed on a DEX, so that your community can acquire it with fiat (euros) in a simple way

Buy with FIAT money

If a token is already listed on a DEX, we can list it on our fiat ramp using the DEX as a liquidity pool.

The token can be bought with euros and sold for euros quickly and easily, against your community’s own wallet and without the need to make deposits and complex exchanges (swaps) of the token for other cryptocurrencies.

Connections with DEXs

On our platform, we offer users the unique ability to purchase tokens directly through DEXs like PancakeSwap or Uniswap, using their liquidity pools. This integration not only facilitates a simpler and more decentralized purchasing experience, but also has a direct impact on the price of the token.

When users purchase tokens using liquidity pools, they increase demand for the token within these ecosystems. This increase in demand can lead to token price appreciation, directly benefiting the project by improving the perception of value and strengthening the underlying economics of the token. This approach not only empowers our users by offering them direct control over their transactions without intermediaries, but also actively contributes to the growth and stability of our project in the cryptocurrency market.