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Cryptopocket is a FIAT On/Off Ramp solution that allows you to buy and sell any type of token, crypto asset or cryptocurrency using EUROS (€) and making the payment or collection simply and immediately by credit card or instant bank transfer.

We are a platform registered with the Bank of Spain and we can operate at the European level with the entry of the MiCA regulation.

Our technology solves a wide range of connection needs between the tokenized economy and traditional payment methods:

If your token is already on a DEX, we list it on our Ramp.

List your native token in our Ramp in the pre-sale phase and facilitate its sale to investors of all types and your community.

Enables the purchase and sale in EUROS (€) of NFTs

Facilitate transactions in EUROS (€) on your DeFi or FinTech platform.

Make OTC purchases easily

Adapt your Web2 environment to Web3 with our Ramp

Take advantage of our personalized OTC Premium service for corporate, family office and high-volume investors

Monetize your website traffic by incorporating our Ramp and obtaining commissions for transactions.

If you have used our ramp and have any questions or incidents, contact us and we will help you resolve it.

If your need is not here, contact us and let’s discover together new applications of our Ramp.

Send us an email to hello@cryptopocket.io 
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