Premium OTC Service

Cryptopocket offers a personalized service for the purchase and sale of high-volume cryptocurrencies.

Cryptopocket offers you its Premium OTC service, an exclusive service for large cryptocurrency operations

With Cryptopocket, your cryptocurrency purchase or sale operations worth more than €25,000 will have the personalized help of an expert management team. In addition, we will train you so that you can self-custody your crypto assets with complete security.

You can trade with Cryptopocket in the main cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, TUSD, USDP.

Cryptopocket OTC Benefits

Cryptopocket is an entity registered with the Bank of Spain to provide virtual currency exchange services for fiat currency. Furthermore, our experience allows us to offer one of the services with greater security and technical stability.

Efficiency in operations, with fast and effective personalized service

Liquidity for any volume of purchase and sale operations

Personalized advice in all phases of the process

Availability for operations in Spain

Crypto-to-fiat conversions in 24 hours

Settlements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does it work?

Our processes and protocols are very simple, fast and effective.


Complete your registration process in a guided and intuitive way, in just a few minutes.


One of our personalized advisors will contact you immediately to help you with any initial questions or queries.


Once you have registered with Cryptopocket, you will be able to easily submit the necessary documentation to begin your operations with our OTC Premium service.


Carry out your purchase or sale operation in a simple way, by bank transfer and your own Wallet.

Start your trading now with Cryptopocket OTC Premium

Minimum operation of €25,000

Custody through your own Wallet

Complete the required information to start trading.

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    *Once the form has been sent, you will receive the account number where you have to make the bank transfer.

    Data for sale of cryptoassets:

    *Once the form has been sent, you will receive the wallet number where you have to make the sending their cryptoactive products.