Cryptopocket Updates

$LINK (Chainlink), now available on Cryptopocket. The “Oracles” at your fingertips.

Cryptopocket has added Chainlink’s $LINK token to its Fiat Ramp On listing. This token is highlighted for its philosophy aligned with ours, functioning as a link that connects the real world with the blockchain to ensure the reliability and integrity of the information in smart contracts.

$LINK is an ERC-20 token, developed on Ethereum but designed to work on any blockchain, giving it wide versatility and compatibility with major wallets and DEXs. Its availability in our On Ramp FIAT through the BSC “Bep20” blockchain simplifies the purchase of $LINK, being faster and cheaper than in a DEX, especially with PSD2 transfers.

What function do $LINKs have?

They are mainly used by smart contracts to pay node operators who provide external data, incentivizing them to maintain trustworthy and secure behavior.

What is the value of Chainlink $LINK tokens?

It encourages operators to accumulate $LINK to access larger data contracts and secure their position on the network, with heavy penalties for malicious behavior.

Cryptopocket is rapidly expanding its token offering, including recent additions like $LITT and $CGPT, and anticipates a greater variety in the coming weeks.

It is crucial to understand the risks associated with investing in cryptoassets, which are detailed here: Cryptopocket Warning.