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Dutch Blockchain Days 2024

The leading Dutch event for blockchain, crypto and web3

Next celebration date

June 19, 2024


Dutch Blockchain Days 2024 – | June 19th – Amsterdam

Ticket prices

€49.95 – €99.95


Meer en Vaart 300, 1068 LE Amsterdam, Netherlands. How to get.


The “Dutch Blockchain Days” event in Amsterdam is a conference and workshop space dedicated to exploring blockchain technology and its applications in various sectors. This event brings together experts, academics, and enthusiasts to discuss innovations, trends, and the future of blockchain. It offers networking opportunities, presentations of real use cases, and discussions about the challenges and opportunities presented by this emerging technology.


Remy van der Nagel
Christian Rai
David Palmer
Steffen Boller
Julien Vallet
Lucas Wensing
Elke Karskens
Rik Rapmund
Peter Curk
Jos Lazet
Pankhuri Bansal
Aaron van Wirdum
Hakim Raja
Maurice Mureau
Joao Rodrigues Frade
Gareth Jenkinson
Roy van Krimpen
Vincent Fournier
Edwin Rivas
Hugo Feiler