Cryptopocket Updates

Cryptopocket Launches NFT Gold to Reward Initial Investors

Cryptopocket is pleased to announce the launch of NFT Gold, a manifestation of our sincere gratitude to investors for their trust and continued support. This NFT is more than just a token; It is a key that unlocks numerous advantages and underlines the importance of each participant within our community in the Blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

Unlike traditional models that differentiate between suppliers, partners, customers, employees and investors, we view each contributor as a vital member of an integrated community. In this context, tokens and NFTs are essential to facilitate effective participation in the project and offer tangible benefits to all who acquire these cryptoassets.

What is Cryptopocket NFT Gold?

The Cryptopocket Gold NFT is a commemorative token created to celebrate and reward our early adopters. This digital asset not only represents our appreciation, but also promises to enable additional features in the future. As a governance and utility token, it offers several benefits:

  • Privileged access to projects in the pre-sale phase at reduced prices.
  • Commission discounts for cryptoasset transactions on the Cryptopocket platform.
  • Participation in decisions about marketing, choice of jurisdictions, and new projects.
  • Tickets and discounts on events from Cryptopocket and its partners.
  • Participation in meetings on company results and strategies.
  • Rewards for referring blockchain projects that are integrated into our platform.
  • Access to a private community (Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp).
  • Recognition in the contest for the graphic design of the NFT Gold.

Creative and Participatory Design Process of the NFT Gold

The NFT Gold design was selected through a competition among investors, who submitted proposals using both AI and traditional digital methods. The winning design, which obtained 37% of the votes, was that of a key, symbolizing Cryptopocket as the accessible and secure solution for the mass adoption of cryptoassets. Other notable designs included a coin that emphasizes the intrinsic value of the NFT, as well as more colorful and artistic proposals that reflect the dynamic connection between FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptopocket Gold NFT Value and Allocation

Gold NFTs are not only a symbol of initial investment, but their value can increase with the development of the project. Its value will be determined dynamically by supply and demand, reflecting the growth and evolution of Cryptopocket.

Each NFT Gold is allocated in a 1:1 ratio with the tickets purchased by investors through Adventurees, a Participatory Financing Platform supervised by the CNMV. By investing, investors participate in a public contract, and Cryptopocket is registered with the Bank of Spain as a VASP provider.

This launch not only recognizes the initial contribution of our investors, but also strengthens their continued participation and influence in the trajectory of Cryptopocket.