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“Cryptopocket, as a member of INATBA, we will turn walls into ramps.”

INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, based in Brussels, focuses on fostering the adoption of blockchain technology, acting as a catalyst for collaboration between industry, technology and regulatory actors.

One of the main recurring obstacles in recent technological history is the lack of synchronization and interaction between the technology itself, the industry that channels it into products and services, and the regulatory framework.

This has already occurred in relatively recent ICT milestones, such as the emergence of the Internet, and in Web2, the emergence of distributed p2p models in video and music in the early 2000s, the explosion of e-commerce, and the proliferation and widespread of networks. social.

Why is the role of associations like INATBA important?

In the technological milestones we mentioned, many startups that we now know as .io launched products or services with strong market demand, often with technology developed by themselves. However, the obsolete and inflexible regulatory framework led them to immerse themselves in legal risks or even tedious judicial processes, which, although they were business models that would later be widely and normatively consolidated, for those startups that were ahead of their time, often It meant his immediate disappearance.

On the other hand, online payment methods were very technically complex to integrate and also incurred very high commissions for banking and financial entities, since the risks of non-payment and computer security were transferred to the cost of the transaction. All this meant that e-commerce was a complex venture to carry out successfully.

In the new milestone in which we are currently immersed, associations such as INATBA function as conductors in the environment of Blockchain, Web3, AI, DeFi, Metaverse, etc., establishing an agreed score among all musicians, so that the resulting melody be harmonious and sound more than acceptable to all who listen to it.

What should the work of associations like INATBA translate into?

The user and the consumer are the ones who make it possible for technologies, industries, companies and even legislators to exist. If the music doesn’t sound good to them, they won’t buy it from us.

The market is sovereign, and the final consequence of an effective regulatory framework coordinated with technology and industry should result in users and consumers of products and services based on these technologies enjoying very high levels of protection, security and reliability.

We must not forget the concepts of User Experience, Usability and Accessibility, which should be mandatory characteristics of any platform. Mass adoption inevitably requires platforms that are very easy to use and intuitive, with effective and quality support and customer service.

Today, we all know the difficulties that many people have even managing online banking, and how some groups or voices like that of Carlos San Juan warn us about what is to come.

Now imagine those people buying or selling cryptos or tokens on a DEX.

Complicated, right?

“Our goal is to replace that wall with a ramp.”

What does Cryptopocket contribute to INATBA and what advantages can it have in return?

In summary, INATBA members channel their efforts through working groups: Education, Identity, Finance, Privacy, Social Impact – Sustainability, and Standards Committee. In addition, there are specialized groups such as Digital Credentials, Industrial Blockchain, Metaverse, and Convergence between AI and Blockchain.

Another fundamental driver of its activity is its events. Notably, Blockchain Horizons stands out: the INATBA Academic and Research and Development Forum with a very interesting agenda.

In this work context, the main objective of Cryptopocket is to provide the experience of a real project that unites the traditional financial world and the blockchain world. We show the rest of the partners how it is possible to make the blockchain accessible to the general public, providing a simple and very satisfactory experience. Buy or sell cryptocurrency, tokens, NFTs, or other crypto assets in a very simple, immediate and euro-based way through secure bank payments.

With this, we aim to shape industry standards so that accessibility becomes a fundamental parameter, ensuring that both advanced users and others have an excellent user experience.

As for the benefits for Cryptopocket, they are undoubtedly extensive:

Networking Opportunities

INATBA provides a platform for Cryptopocket to network with other blockchain companies, startups, industry experts, and policymakers. This network can carry

ar to possible collaborations, alliances and access to valuable resources and expertise within the blockchain ecosystem.

Political Influence

As a member of INATBA, Cryptopocket gains a voice in the formation of blockchain-related policies and regulations. INATBA collaborates with policymakers and regulators to advocate for favorable regulatory frameworks that support innovation while addressing concerns such as security, privacy and interoperability. Cryptopocket can contribute to these discussions and influence the direction of blockchain regulation.

Access to information and research

INATBA provides its members access to the latest information, research and best practices in the blockchain industry. This may include insights on emerging trends, technological advancements, regulatory developments and market opportunities, helping Cryptopocket stay informed and competitive in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Collaborative Projects

INATBA facilitates collaborative projects and initiatives among its members. Cryptopocket may participate in working groups, task groups, and joint ventures focused on specific use cases, standards development, or industry challenges. These collaborations can accelerate innovation, drive adoption, and improve the credibility of blockchain technology.

Visibility and Credibility

Membership in INATBA enhances Cryptopocket’s visibility and credibility within the blockchain community and beyond. Being associated with an accredited industry association like INATBA can enhance Cryptopocket’s reputation as a trustworthy and responsible player in the blockchain space, which can be valuable in attracting investors, customers, and strategic partners.

Cryptopocket will continue to contribute its vision and expertise in multiple forums and groups apart from this partnership. This enriches our “buffer” and opens new fields of study and channels for effective and quality services and solutions, serving our clients and the blockchain and web3 community in general.