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$CGPT Token (ChainGPT), now available on Cryptopocket Ramp FIAT

At Cryptopocket we are excited to announce the launch of the ChainGPT token ($CGPT), the native token of our ChainGPT ecosystem, now available on our Fiat ramp on/off platform. This token is established as the main means of exchange within the ecosystem, allowing both individuals and companies to access our revolutionary artificial intelligence system.

The $CGPT not only facilitates access to the ChainGPT AI Model, but also enables the use of various tools and utilities powered by this advanced technology. Designed specifically for the crypto and blockchain space, the ChainGPT AI Model is capable of assisting with blockchain contract management, explanation of concepts, answering questions, market analysis and much more.

For developers and companies interested in integrating our artificial intelligence, we offer full access to our API and SDK. This allows the integration of specific functions or the development of new applications using our model, thus saving the time, money and resources that would be involved in training a model from scratch.

It is essential to highlight that investment in crypto assets is not regulated and may not be suitable for all investors, with the possibility of losing the entire invested capital. We recommend that you read and thoroughly understand the risks associated with this investment, which are explained in detail at the following link: Read more about the risks.

We are pleased to welcome all interested parties to explore the possibilities that the ChainGPT token offers within our ecosystem. Invest in the future of blockchain and crypto technology with us!